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Which CPU Brand Should you get in Your Gaming Laptop – Intel or AMD?

This generation in 2024, CPU performance is surprisingly kind of a tie. Intel does better in some workloads, while AMD is ahead in others. But once you average a bunch of different tasks or games, the difference is fairly negligible.

Intel Advantages

Intel typically has the edge when it comes to single core performance, and they have options with more cores and threads. Intel usually ends up being less power efficient, as their chips need higher power levels to reach those higher levels of performance.

AMD Advantages

This may be why, generally speaking, AMD based gaming laptops last longer on battery power. That isn’t always the case, and Intel’s Meteor Lake processors have started to change this. We have 240+ laptop battery tests published here, and there’s a clear trend of AMD Ryzen laptops coming out on top.

For now, AMD based gaming laptops tend to have better integrated graphics performance. This won’t be important to most gamers, as you’ll be using the more powerful discrete graphics, but some people like to run less demanding games on battery with the iGPU.

Which Laptop CPU is Best?

Ultimately you can’t really go wrong with AMD or Intel laptop processors in 2023-2024 gaming laptop models. The difference has been much bigger in the past, but not anymore.

Source: I compared AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840HS against Intel’s Core i7-13700H. Technically these aren’t the newest processors anymore, but Ryzen 8X4X processors and Intel 14th gen are essentially the same architecture, just with fresh rebranded names.


  • 1610ftw

    Two more advantages for Intel:
    It is easier to tweak them with programs like XTU and Throttlestop
    They support Thunderbolt and therefore certain external device options like 10G network adapters

    Speaking of CPU: You mentioned possible upcoming upgradeable laptops at Computex but then nothing happened. Would be cool if you could make a video about upgradeable / modular laptops in the past and possible future.
    I think upgradeability / modularity makes more sense for higher / enthusiast spec and that is where a company like framework is still lacking.

    • Jarrod

      Yeah, they didn’t end up announcing it because one of the partners (think big CPU or GPU company) changed the embargo. I almost went to Computex to cover it, so it worked out that I didn’t end up going, not sure when we’ll see what I was hinting to.

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