Jarrod’sTech Discord Server

How do I join the Jarrod’s Tech Discord server?

Access to the official Jarrod’s Tech Discord server is a bonus for channel supporters. You can join the community through either Patreon or YouTube membership using the links below:

  1. Patreon
  2. YouTube Member

Your support through either method is appreciated, but speaking frankly, YouTube takes a far larger cut of your payment compared to Patreon.

If you join through Patreon, you should receive a link to join Discord.

If you join through YouTube, you will need to go into Discord User Settings > Connections and link your YouTube account. After this, there should be an option to join in this menu.

Do I need to keep paying to access Discord?

No. Right now, a one time payment of the lowest tier will get you access to the Discord server, so a couple of dollars.

If you choose to discontinue monthly monetary support, you will not be removed from the Discord server, however other perks associated with your support tier such as access to behind the scenes videos will be lost.

Why isn’t Discord access free?

There are a lot of public Discord servers for tech YouTube channels out there. I’m in a lot of them myself, and in most cases you don’t even actually get to interact with the creator.

I didn’t want to just offer another large community full of the same people that are already present in all the other Discord servers, as this would be difficult to keep up with.

Instead, I wanted to keep my community smaller so that I can actually get to know and talk with channel supporters.

Additionally, I’ve found the small one time payment barrier is enough to fend off trolls and spammers.

I love community. I started YouTube to meet more people interested in tech. This is why I personally responded to every new YouTube comment until about 200K subscribers. Unfortunately at some point this cannot be maintained, and this is where Discord comes in.

So if you want to support the channel and chat with the community, you know how to do it 😃 see you in Discord!