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i5+2060 or i7+1660 Ti For Gaming Laptop?

Which CPU and GPU combination should you get in your gaming laptop? The Intel i5-9300H + RTX 2060, or Intel i7-9750H + GTX 1660 Ti? Let’s compare!

I’ll tackle this question in two parts, we’ll first compare the CPU performance, followed by the GPU performance afterwards.

Intel i5-9300H vs i7-9750H

These are the specs of these two processors:

Base Clock2.4GHz2.6GHz
Single Core Boost4.1GHz4.5GHz
All Core Boost4.0GHz4.0GHz

We’re expecting the i7 to have an advantage in multicore applications due to the 50% higher core count, however we’re focusing on games here. Unless the specific game benefits from additional cores, the i7 should still have an edge due to its higher clock speeds and cache.

i5-9300H vs i7-9750H gaming benchmarks

On average in the above 15 games tested, the i7-9750H is only 2.2% faster than the i5-9300H on average at the highest setting preset. The results vary wildly depending on the game though, esports titles dominate the top of the graph, so if that’s your priority a higher tier CPU could be worthwhile.

You can find the full in depth break down between these two laptop CPUs in my detailed i5-9300H vs i7-9750H comparison. I’ve also compared core heavy CPU workloads there too if you want to get an idea of the performance differences outside of gaming.

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs RTX 2060

Next let’s see what the difference is between these two graphics options:

GTX 1660 Ti 80WRTX 2060 80W
CUDA Cores1,5361,920
Base Clock1,140-1,455MHz960MHz
Boost Clock1,335-1,590MHz1,185-1,200MHz
Memory Speed12 GBPSUp to 14 GBPS
Memory Interface192-Bit192-Bit
Memory Bandwidth288 GB/s336 GB/s

The clock speeds and thereby performance will vary based on the power limit. I’ll be comparing the 1660 Ti and 2060 with the same 80 watt power limit, so as fairly as possible.

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs RTX 2060 laptop

There are 17 games tested here, and again we’re comparing maximum setting presets. There’s a much larger 14% improvement to average FPS with the RTX 2060 here.

You can find the full in depth break down between these two laptop GPUs in my detailed 1660 Ti vs 2060 comparison. It’s worth noting that the RTX 2060 has, well, RTX as per the name. Although there are still only a small number of titles that support ray tracing, with DLSS 2.0 some games like Control do benefit from this feature.


We can clearly see that there is a bigger performance gain to be had by selecting the RTX 2060 graphics over the GTX 1660 Ti option. When we look at the difference in processors, the i7-9750H was only 2% faster on average in a similar game selection when compared with the i5-9300H.

If we instead play at minimum, the average difference only increases to 5%. This is because lower settings are typically more CPU than GPU heavy. Regardless, the difference is smaller between the CPUs.

It would have been preferable if I actually had an i5+2060 and i7+1660 Ti laptop to compare with, however I’ve never had hands on time with an i5+2060 machine. This data should be enough to illustrate the point though, in most games the GPU difference is greater than the CPU difference.

It does of course depend on the game, CS:GO for instance only saw a 2% improvement to average FPS with the GPU change, while there was a slightly higher 5% boost between the CPUs. For CPU heavy games like that, waiting for 10th gen may be worthwhile at this point. For most other games though, don’t expect too much gaming improvements from 10th gen.


  • Paolo D'Angelo

    Yes, the I5-2060 laptops are rare, but the main problem is that those pre-configured have cheap panels, drives and extras. Maybe the best case scenario for this configuration is Lenovo Y540 which for a very fair price, can have both I5 and 2060.

    • Jarrod

      Yeah I didn’t really focus on price difference or other aspects here, I assume the people asking the question have already picked out two machines with the CPU/GPU specs so just approached that part of the question.

    • Wilson


      I am looking at MSI GF65 Thin with i5-9300H and RTX2060, I’ve been checking some Jarrod’s videos on comparissons and I do like this option (even tought it might have some overheating issues).

      Originally, I had ordered a Asus TUF AMD Ryzen7 3550h+RTX2060, but I saw Jarrod’s review and I had to return it.

      10-15% increase on CPU is a lot for me (for the same price)

  • Mehmet

    Hello Jarrod. I bought an Acer Nitro 5 (i7 9750H / 1660 Ti / 16 GB Ram) I think i get lower performance than other laptops with same specs. I got 120 fps on CS:GO and i think this is low. And i got 2084 points in Cinebench R20 without undervolt. Other laptops can take 2500+ but i take 2084. Is this low? And what do you recommend for me? Should i send this laptop to guarantee? Please reply

    • Jarrod

      That is on the lower side for the i7, best case is around 3000 points in Cinebench 20 without power or thermal limits. Are you using turbo mode and also plugged into wall power? If so give undervolting a go. For CS:GO, make sure you manually set it to full screen mode as that will boost performance. If you have a 120Hz screen and vsync enabled, not passing 120 FPS is normal.

  • Kunal Das

    Hi Jarrod,

    I have recently purchased a Dell G3 3590, with configuration as below

    Processor: i7-9750H
    Graphics: 1660Ti with Max-Q Design
    Display: 144Hz
    RAM: 32GB
    Storage: 512GB + 1TB
    Battery: 51Wh

    My questions are:
    1. How can I increase battery life? In general, it gives around 1-2Hrs
    2. Does 1660Ti with Max-Q Design have Ray Tracing?
    3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider freezes/crashes sometimes. (Pirated Game)
    4. Do a game is dependent on the refresh rate to cross 100+ FPS count?
    5. How to Undervolt? Because in Intel’s XTU there is no such option available.
    6. Can either of the processor or GPU be overclocked?

    • Jarrod

      1. Turn off key lighting, lower screen brightness, close background apps.
      2. No, but you can still do it, it will just perform much worse compared to RTX graphics.
      3. Try not pirating it I guess lol
      4. No, you can get high FPS even with 60Hz, and it will still help reduce input lag.
      5. I think latest Dell BIOS locked undervolting due to plundervolt vulnerability.
      6. CPU cannot, GPU can with MSI Afterburner.

      • Kunal Das

        So, how much overclocking possible in this particular GPU without crashing the system? And about the game piracy, well, this laptop took all my money at once 😛

    • Gio

      Hi Jarrod,

      Currently I’m currently in search of a new laptop and stumbled upon 2 of them the Acer nitro 5 and Gigabyte aorus 7.I’ve seen both reviews from your channel with you giving more praise to the Acer nitro 5 and with Aorus 7 just being ok.But the 2 laptops are on different price ranges and that’s why they have different ratings for their respective price point.

      Acer nitro 5:
      CPU: i7-9750H
      Graphics:GTX 1650 with 120 Hz screen
      RAM:16 gigs

      Gigabyte Aorus 7:
      Graphics:GTX 1660Ti with 144 Hz
      RAM:16 gigs
      SSD:512 GB

      I would’ve picked predator 300 Helios but it’s just a bit pricey.Both the nitro 5 and aorus 7 are currently priced at 1200€.Which one would you recommend and why?

      • Kunal Das

        Aorus 7 is the one you should consider, given that 1660Ti Max Q is better than 1650 overall, given that you get a 144Hz display as well. Consider upgrading RAM to max, and install more storage as per your requirement.

      • Jarrod

        If same price makes way more sense to go Aorus 7, 1660 Ti is 50% faster than 1650, and 144Hz screen colour gamut is usually better than most of the 120Hz options.

      • Jarrod

        Haven’t compared those laptops themselves as I can’t get gateway here, but the info in this post should otherwise give you a rough idea of what to expect between CPU/GPU.

  • Kunal Das

    So, how much overclocking possible in this particular GPU without crashing the system? And about the game piracy, well, this laptop took all my money at once 😛

  • Shannon

    Hello Jarrod! Your videos and posts are always so enjoyable and thorough. All the time and effort that goes into them is truly appreciated. If you have the time I was wondering if I could get your input on something.
    I have been on the search for my first gaming laptop and after many hours of searching I have found two options. The Infinity S7 [S7-9G6-88] and the Dell G7 17 i7 1660ti which comes in a bundle with a alienware mouse and headset. I havent been able to find any reviews on this particular model and i’m not sure about which one is the better option. I am able to get the bundle for 1899 Australian Dollars, so the same price as the infinity however it has only 8gb ram with space for upgrading. The other specs seem mostly the same (i think)

    I have heard some things about the Dell’s thermals that seem somewhat unfavourable but again I’m not well versed in these areas.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • Jarrod

      Yeah the G series runs hot, I have a video on the G7 on the channel with info there which you could compare with the Infinity results. Realistically with same CPU/GPU performance is probably similar, the one with dual channel memory will win, so yeah definitely worth upgrading to that if you get the one without it.

  • CK Ooi

    Hi Jarrod,

    Thank you for your YouTube videos and posts on this site, they are very well made and super informative! I am wondering if you can do a review for the Aftershock Vapor 15X with recommended spec (i7-10875H and RTX 2070 SUPER configuration). I am interested in getting one (current laptop having issues) but it seems to be a relatively new upcoming products with no independent reviews as of the writing of this comment, which is why I am still a bit hesitant to purchase it.

    Link to the aforementioned device:

    Thank you!

    • Jarrod

      Just waiting for them to reach out and offer one, not sure when that will be yet, but if you do need it sooner you can probably still get $50 AUD off if you use code ‘JARRODSTECH’ which might be useful. Looks the same as the Eluktronics MAX-17 I covered previously, just with newer CPU/GPU.

      • CK Ooi

        Hey Jarrod, thank you for the quick reply! Ah alright, hopefully you will get one soon. Yup, I saw the code from your Vapor 15 Pro review video, it’s definitely useful and I plan on using it, thanks for the reminder too!

        It’s probably not fair to ask you these before you manage to review it, but based on your previous experience with the Vapor 15 Pro and similar devices from Eluktronics , would you recommend the Vapor 15X? They all seem to use chassis developed by Intel so the thermals should be alright? Just not sure if the newer CPU/GPU would produce way more heat and drains battery quicker when used unplugged for non-gaming tasks.

        Thank you again 🙂

        • Jarrod

          They’re all based on chassis from tongfang, Intel just had some sort of involvement with the pro model (not really sure what extent that was), so yeah in terms of design and materials / build quality etc they share a lot of similarities. The higher specs probably drain the battery faster, that’s generally the trend I’ve noticed with many machines I’ve tested.

          • Yahya

            I have msi gf 65 (i5 9300h with rtx2060) do you recommend me to return it and get (i7 9750h with rtx2060) the difference is 130$
            I use it mainly for gaming
            Thank you

  • Im Korghal

    Hi Jarrod. Im looking fornnew laptop. In my interest are;
    1)Asus Tuf 505 DV with amd 3750h and 2060rtx/ GTX 1660ti
    2) MSI gf65 with i5 9300h and 2060rtx.
    What can you recommend? Im thinking about overheating, materials quality, screen quality.

    • Jarrod

      i5 beats the 3750H by a fair amount, so with same GPU the GF should perform better overall. Haven’t used GF65 itself though so can’t really compare anything else, just talk specs.

  • Saifudeen Hisham

    i7 9750H GTX 1660Ti vs i5 9300H RTX 2060. I’m looking at Lenovo Legion Y540. I would like to do both gaming (with Ray Tracing), programming, and video editing. I have also heard GTX 1660Ti support Ray Tracing so:

    1) Is it worth sacrificing i7 for RTX 2060?
    2) Also, will i5 bottleneck with RTX 2060?
    3) I’m also hoping to get into machine learning.

    • Jarrod

      If you want ray tracing 2060 is the only real option out of the two, ray tracing on GTX is a meme. Never tested i5 + 2060 as mentioned in the video, my best guess is it’s probably fine though. Not sure what ML needs, maybe the extra cores for that might be useful hard to say. The difference in gaming at least between i5 and i7, as shown here, is quite minimal.

  • Jack

    Hello Jarrod,
    First, let me start by saying your videos are already a great help.
    I’m currently in the market for gaming laptop. I’m not in a hurry, so I’m thinking about waiting for more 4900H models to come, but on the other hand I’m considering the Legion Y540.
    Given the theme of this post I was wondering if I should go with GTX1660Ti or RTX2060 with a i7-9750H?
    The price difference in my country is pretty low as a RTX2060 model with 1TB SSD is only around 100$ more expensive than GTX1660Ti with 512GB SSD. To me it looks like a no brainer, but maybe I’m missing something?
    I have watched your video on this topic posted around October, but a lot can change in half a year, especially with all DLSS and Ray Tracing talking.
    Would love to hear your opinion on this, thanks.

    • Jarrod

      2060 seems to be about 14% more performance on average, I’d just go for that for $100 extra personally, the double drive space is nice too.

  • fahad

    Hi Jarrod,
    I’m confused about choosing the right combination
    this is between two helios 300 laptops
    one has i5 9th gen 9300h + rtx 2060
    other one has i7 9th gen + gtx 1660ti , (this is almost 320$ higher than the first one with rtx 2060)
    i want to choose the i5 + rtx 2060 but im concerned cause im been reading comments that i5 cpu’s bottleneck and may get into over heating issues
    could you help me through this cause i really am intrested in ray tracing tech!!!

    • Jarrod

      I’d go the i5 and 2060, it will perform better in games as mentioned, plus you get the option of RTX like you want, and it’s cheaper, I see almost no reason to go the i7 if you’re only gaming, especially at higher settings where the CPU can matter less.

  • Ishan Ganjoo

    Hi Jarrod,
    I am planning on buying Helios 300 (in India) with i5-9300H & 1660 Ti with a 60 Hz display.
    In US$ it will cost me at $988.

    My doubts are :
    1. Whether the i5 would bottleneck the 1660ti ?
    2. Overall, is it a good deal ?

    LINK (where I’ll buy ) :

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Yuvraj singh

    Hi jarrod, thanks for posting such good content on YouTube keep up the good work. I wanted your opinion on which laptop to buy. I have selected 3 laptops. I am not behind those AAA titles whats so ever I am a hardcore Cs go lover. Please suggest me which laptop to buy among these laptop for max fps in game.
    1) Acer nitro 5 (i7 9th gen 1660ti)
    2) predator Helios 300 (i5 + rtx2060)
    3 predator Helios 300 ( i5 + gtx 1660ti)

    1st option is less expensive than other 2 but my concern is the thermals on nitro 5 also it’s not undervolted like other 2

    2nd option and 3rd option are somewhat near in price but 2060 variant losses out on 17.3 inch display that the 1660ti variant gets also o have seen in Amazon review people writing that the i5 bottlenecks even 1660ti is that true I don’t know please enlighten me. Thanks . And please reply if u read this

  • Alexander

    Hey there! Thank you so much for this post, exactly the comparison I was looking for, I found 2 MSI laptops with the configurations above and at the same price, this really helped me make a decision.
    Much love!

  • Ayam Jain

    I am in the market for buying a laptop.

    At the moment, I am looking at

    1) Acer Predator Helios 300 ( i5 9300h + 1660ti + 16gb single channel ram)
    2) Asus Tuf A15 (Ryzen 5 4600h +1650ti +8gb ram (which I plan to upgrade by adding ram))

    What’s your suggestion about this?? I also read that 9300h is a bottleneck for 1660ti. Kindly let me know if it will be a good option?

    I am a student. Will be running software for CAD, Matlab,etc and medium level of Gaming ( not a hardcore Gamer)

    I am open to suggestions.
    Thank you

  • Erfan

    Hi jarrod
    really thanks for your awesome videos
    I can’t decide between these three different specs of lenovo y540
    I7 9750H +1660TI (the most expensive one)
    I7 9750H +1650 ( the cheapest one)
    I5 9300H +1660TI (the middle one 🙂 )

    most of my works are with Solidworks, Abaqus and Adobe photoshop and i’m not a hardcore gamer but i like to play games like Warthunder or rainbow six siege with decent fps.
    I would be very happy to hear your suggestion

    • Jarrod

      I think the i5 and 1660 Ti is a good middle ground, not sure how CPU heavy those software suites are though, but I suspect they should run well enough on the i5 based on what I’ve heard from others, maybe see if you can find any benchmarks. Games like that should play ok on the 1650 though, so if you want to prioritize your work the i7 with more cores would probably be better years from now when quad cores start choking.

  • Balraj

    I want to buy acer nitro 5 with i5 9300h and gtx 1660ti but i dont know that will the cpu bottleneck gpu or not?……also i have watched many benchmarks of this laptop in which the gpu is not utilized more than 60%….please tell should i go for it or with gtx 1650 variants of same laptop

    • Jarrod

      I cannot say how well it would do as the game is not out yet and no one has been able to test it. Check the suggested specs if they have been made available yet.

  • Arga

    Hi Jarrod,

    I have question. Been trying to find reviews for the HP Omen 15 2019 (the one with red accents) but no much luck.
    I’m thinking about getting it or the Legion Y540, if the Helios 300 and Legion 5 has not come out yet.

    HP Omen 15 – i5-9300H / RTX 2060 (1285 usd)
    Legion Y540 – i7-9750H / GTX 1660ti (1337 usd)

    I think both has 16gb of ram, but I’ll upgrade if they don’t. Which one do you think will be sufficient enough for at least medium-settings gaming for the next 3-4 years? (or even low)

    • Jarrod

      Never tested HP as they don’t send me anything so can’t comment specifically on their stuff, but if you’re just gaming as discussed here the i5+2060 will do better while being cheaper.

  • Andrew

    Hey Jarrod, just stumbled onto your videos on YT and now this – they are terrific by the way. I am currently tossing up between two laptops for essentially gaming only. I can see you say i5 with 2060 would be fine normally for gaming and the difference is minimal. Do you think this would still be the same for CPU heavy games? I generally like to play games like Stellaris, TOW Warhammer and Cities Skylines etc, which are all known for being heavy on CPU.

    I am tossing up between Lenovo Legion Y540 15 i7-9750H/1660ti – more expensive ($1519)
    Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Notebook 15.6” FHD i5-9300H RTX 2060 ($1399)

    For overall gaming specs, I was originally leaning with Y540 with your video about how underclocking/overclocking for the CPU and GPU and how it would run just as good as a Helios 300 (i7). But I am uncertain… any advice/opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jarrod

      Thanks! It depends on the game I haven’t tested those ones specifically so you may want to try and find other benchmarks for them, honestly at the end of the day a 1660 Ti should play any game with good settings fine, so but that does seem like a fair bit extra money just for the i7. Basically it’s difficult for me to say without having experience with those specific games, I have heard they are CPU heavy, but is that in terms of clock speed? For instance maybe they don’t really benefit from more than 4 cores, that I am not sure of.

  • Louie

    Hi, Jarrod. Thanks for your helpful YT videos.

    Lenovo has recently launched the latest Legion laptops in my country. They’re also including 3 Year Premium Warranty for free. I’m considering the Lenovo Legion 5pi, specifically these 2 variants.

    15.6″ FHD IPS 144Hz 100% Adobe RGB
    GTX 1660Ti 6GB GDDR6
    8GB DDR4
    512GB SSD
    80Wh Battery
    Around US $1,640

    15.6″ FHD IPS 240Hz 100% sRGB
    RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6
    8GB DDR4
    512GB SSD
    80Wh Battery
    Around US $1,600

    Based on your article, I should go for the 2nd option. It’s cheaper, and it would perform better for most games. What’re your thoughts?


    tell me if I am wrong. I think investing in i7 is more future proof as a laptop we are using for at least 4or 5 years. Now many games that are launching like watchdogs legion having i7 has the recommended system requirement. From this, we can clearly understand that i7 has a better place in games in the future. Games in the future will largely depend on both CPU and GPU.

    • Jarrod

      Sure, but the question becomes how much extra is it? Maybe an i5 will do the job until you end up replacing the machine for new tech depending on what you’re doing.

  • john

    I am choosing Acer predator as my gaming laptop but two configurations make the pain in my ass one is with i5 9300 RTX 2060 and i7 gtx 1660ti .this two having the same prize. please help me out. forgot to mention i7 gtx only comes with 8 GB ram but has 2 HDD and a 17 inch laptop

    • Jarrod

      This post should have you covered, as for RAM/Storage, these things can always be changed and upgraded, so buy with CPU/GPU in mind first and foremost as you can never change that without replacing the machine.

  • Rifatul Irvin

    I’ve recently asked you a question as a comment on one of your videos. I felt like asking you this here as well because it seemed like more of a place for this kind of question. So here goes:

    i5 9300H+2060 or i7 10750H+1660 Ti? Which pair would you choose for gaming? I hope you will respond.

    • Jarrod

      I think the i7/1660 Ti is a better rounded combination for the future, but for today the 10750H is barely different to 9750H and in most games the 2060 will give you more performance gain over the 1660 Ti if gaming is the priority.

  • Akash Pandey

    Hey Jarrod, I have the Acer Predator Helios 300 (i5 9300H / RTX 2060 / 16GB RAM / 1TB HDD / 256GB SSD) and I noticed the thermals were a little high. While playing Arkham knight at the highest settings I was getting a peak temps of 91 degrees Celsius on the CPU while the GPU was hovering around the 75-80 degree mark. I just wanted to know if these temps are high (My room temp is what I believe to be 26 degrees as the AC is set at that temp but there shouldn’t be a great difference in the actual room temperature). The game was running very smoothly and I did not notice any frame drops while playing for 1-2 hours straight. I wanted to know if these temps are worrying or are they okay and what should I do to fix that(If this is a problem) as it just go delivered a couple days ago.

    • Jarrod

      I never look at peak so can’t really compare, all my numbers are long term averages, either way doesn’t really sound abnormal. Just play the games and have fun if it’s running well, nothing worth worrying about.

    • Jarrod

      I’d expect i5 and 2060 to do better if pure gaming is the goal, but I think the 4800H and 1660 Ti combo is better in a wider range of tasks going forward so just depends what the priority is.

  • Shreyas

    I’m considering the Acer Helios 300 (2020) with i5-10300H and rtx 2060 …
    I’m just confused about the CPU/GPU combo as in there wont be any bottleneck issues, right?!
    Need your advice

  • Maru

    I want to buy a Acer predator helios 300
    With i5 10300H and RTX 2060 does it
    Good choice or not for me..Pls reply I
    am hurry to buy

  • Maru

    Hi jorrod
    Is i5 10300H + RTX 2060 good for video editing and 3d modeling/rendering or graphic designes etc…Reply me fast i am hurry to buy

  • Rahul

    Hey Jarrod
    Please I request you to test i5 10300h with rtx 2060 Helios 300 16gb ram
    Will i5 10300h bottleneck rtx 2060 ?
    Please review this laptop
    I ordered this laptop and now I’m a bit nervous about bottleneck issue

  • Prayag Haridas

    Hi Jarrod
    Should I get laptop with i7 9750h and gtx 1660 ti or i7 with rtx 2060 with same battery capacity configuration if battery and 3d modelling and rendering and such were my priorities.
    Will there be difference in power draw if the rtx 2060 was also 80w same as gtx 1660ti.
    Would getting rtx 2060 80w configuration justify increase of Rs.5000 (arround 70 USD).

    • Jarrod

      This post should have everything you need. Depends on the software in use, if 3D apps use the GPU then get the 2060, depends if the rendering utilizes CPU cores more or GPU. Yes different power draw from wall is expected with different hardware despite same ’80w’ TDP.

  • Rahul

    Hello Jarrod

    As you mentioned that you got Helios 300 with rtx 2060, but not sure whether it has i5 or i7 . .
    But still here we all want you to please compare i5 10300h and i7 10750h with rtx 2060 as there’s nobody out there who will consider comparing these for us.
    You have been one constant trusted and genuine reviewer out there for laptops and we all consider your reviews and opinions as our priority always. Please consider this request or these doubt between these two will remain there for always forever.
    Thanks always looking for your next video.

  • DomekBu

    Budget laptop which would you choose.

    Hi everyone,

    I want to buy a gaming laptop for casual gaming and day to day use ( mostly office and internet surfing from time to time recording Bass with Cubase or pro tools)

    I have to options both cost 840€

    1. HP Pavilion 15
    CPU: Ryzen 5, 3550h
    GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q
    RAM: 16 GB
    512 GB SSD

    2. Lenovo IdeaPad 3i Gaming
    CPU: Intel I7 – 10750h
    GPU: GeForce GTX 1650
    RAM 16 geb
    512 GB SSD

    What is the better option for me ?

    I looked at different models with a better combo of GPU AND CPU but for nearly 250 Euro more and this would bust the bank for me with ryzen 7 or I7 and RTX 2060.

    Thank you in advance

    • Jarrod

      3550H is pretty rubbish, I’d go out of my way to avoid Ryzen 3000 in laptops, 4000 just demolishes it, even 8th gen Intel beats it. 1660 Ti Max-Q may still do better in games at higher setting levels despite that, though, but for those workloads you’ve mentioned the i7 is probably better.

  • Danil

    Hey, Jarrod! I want to thank you, this article helped me a lot. Really good job buddy!)) I guess I will take omen 15 2020 with i5 and 2060. May I have your opinion about this device? Are there any better options with i5 and 2060 (games are in prior) ?

    • Jarrod

      Sorry the comment was auto marked as spam for some reason. I think i5 and 2060 is a decent combo compared to paying more for i7 if just gaming, not sure how many alternatives stack up to be honest as others from Lenovo I’ve only tested Ryzen models.

  • Mike

    Hello Jarrod!

    I’ve been looking at these laptops:

    Omen 15

    Cpu: amd ryzen 7 4800h
    gpu: rtx 2060
    refresh 144 hz
    16gb ram

    Y540 (110$ cheaper than omen 15)

    cpu: intel i5-9300h
    gpu: rtx 2060
    refresh 144hz
    16gb ram

    Which one do you think I should choose… for gaming of course
    Do you think y540 cooling is compareable to the “Coolest laptop”?

    • Jarrod

      They will probably be fairly similar in most games, last time I compared i5 and i7 there was almost no difference in games, like 2% better for i7 on average, so the extra cores of the 4800H probably won’t matter in most titles today. I’d get the Ryzen option if you are doing heavy multicore workloads, but just gaming could easily save the money on Y540, plus Legion will get a speed boost by disabling optimus which the Ryzen Omen does not support.

  • Kaze

    Hi, could you help me decide on what laptop to get? I’m a video editor and at the same time a gamer. My options are these

    Dell G5 15 5500 with a 10th i7 10750H RTX 2060 and Predator Helios 300 with a 10th gen i5 10300H RTX 2070

    Both are at the same price point

  • Marcos Santos

    Hi, Jarrod. What’s the better option? A Legion 5 with RYZEN 5 4600H and RTX 2060 6GB or an Ideapad Gaming 3 with a RYZEN 7 4800H and GTX 1650 TI 4GB? I know that Legion 5 is a better laptop than Ideapad in almost everything (Performance,Battery,Construction) but its worth paying 130 Euros more for the Legion 5?

    Thanks and keep the amazing work.

  • Mahbod Maserat

    Im a web developer and i wanted to buy a laptop for my work and i have played on my ps4 before now with my work i want to change my platform to pc with this laptop
    I have three options
    Ryzen 4800h 1660ti
    I7 10750h 1660ti
    I5 10300h rtx 2060
    I have searched the whole internet and i couldnt find a ansewr yet
    I want to get the rtx2060 one but im scared that 4 cores isnt enough for me and maybe in future 4 cores cpu isnt going to be enough for games

    In the other hand ryzen and i7 are good cpus with 8 and 6 cores but will 1660ti let me down and rtx 2060 will be minimum gpu for games?

    And my main game is rainbow six apex warzone and gta maybe some new story games or the old title i want to revisit pls can u help me?

    • Jarrod

      RTX 2060 if you want to make use of DLSS In future, but 4 core 10th gen isn’t ideal, I’d ideally pick one of the other 6 or 8 core CPUs and deal with the 1660 Ti not being that much worse in gaming.

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