How To Skip Training Day in Counter-Strike 2

You’ve just opened Counter-Strike 2, but you can’t play a real game until you complete training day – 12 rounds with bots.

Counter-Strike 2 Training Day Message

Don’t waste your time – Here’s how you bypass training day.

  1. From the settings cog on the left, select the game settings menu and enable the developer console.Counter-Strike 2 Developer Console
  2. Go back to “PLAY” up the top and start training day.
  3. Once in training day, press the “~” key to open the developer console.
  4. Run these commands in the console so that there’s only 1 round instead of 12
    sv_cheats 1
    mp_maxrounds 1
    mp_restartgame 1
  5. Once the game starts, run one more command to kill all the bots, ending the single round:
  6. After a victory screen, you’ll now be able to play regular matches.

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      HP won’t be lending us the Omen 17 this year (I tried to get it) so I don’t know much about that model specifically. Based on the specs only, the 4080 will demolish the 3080 Ti, but antonline is a bit sus – we don’t link to their sales on the https://gaminglaptop.deals website due to past issues. It sounds like most people don’t have problems, so up to you on whether you want to roll the dice.

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      3060 is like 50% faster than 3050 Ti and definitely worth it. 3060 beats 4050, though not by much and 4050 gets you frame generation support so depends how much you care about that. The CPU performance isn’t that big, but generally speaking, AMD for better battery life.

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    Hi Zabian. Jarrod would most likely respond to you as well but I thought to share my 2 cents with my little experience:

    If you’re after battery life, there’s gotta be a trade off with performance. Battery life and gaming PCs are NOT two things that go hand in hand, especially if you’re looking to run powerful games at high frame rates.

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