How to Disable Touchscreen on ASUS ROG Ally

The ASUS ROG Ally has a touch screen, but you may not always want the touch functionality to be active.

Here’s how you can turn the touch screen off.

Simply go to the start menu and type “Device Manager” to open it.

Windows Device Manager

From device manager, select and expand “Human Interface Devices” and find “HID-compliant touch screen”.

device manager disable touch screen

Right click it and select disable device. The touch screen should no longer work.

To turn the touch screen back on, simply right click it again from within device manager and enable it.


  • Emeka Ohagwa

    Hello Jarrod. I recently got an Omen 17 with an RTX 4080, i7-13700HX with 16 Gigs of RAM. It’s been playing all games quite decently but for some reason, I felt the performance wasn’t exactly where it should be. I don’t really get over 120 fps in GTA V and God of War at Ultra settings, not that I need more than that, but I should be able to get above that.

    So I ran a 3D Mark time spy test for my laptop and my Graphics score was 13938, CPU 5144. Feels like it should be much better, any idea what might be wrong?

    • Jarrod

      We didn’t get the Omen 17 to test, is it a full powered 4080 laptop or maybe lower wattage? Not sure how those games should perform, but will depend on the resolution too. Graphics is a bit low if I compare it to the Helios 18 we tested at 18.6K, but maybe it’s normal for an Omen if it’s not a 175W GPU. Nvidia control panel should tell you the max power limit of the GPU, but it won’t tell you what it runs at with the CPU also loaded up, which could be much lower. You’d have to run a combined CPU+GPU stress test and monitor HWInfo for that.

  • Alexandru

    Hello, sorry to bother you. I have a Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH6 and sometimes when I wake it from sleep it takes around 10-15 seconds for the screen to light up, while other times it takes the normal 2-3 seconds, it seems random. I also had this problem with my previous Lenovo Y530. Has this ever happened to you and do you know how to fix this? I already tried different BIOS and graphics driver versions.

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